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Event Water Supply Solutions: Hydrate with BigWet and Skull Water

Quench the crowd’s thirst at your event with the perfect hydration partner: BigWet and Skull Water. From high-speed races like Grand Prix and Moto GP to the exhilarating Avalon Airshow, and the vibrant celebrations of Rising Festival, Flemington, and Moonee Valley, we’ve been the go-to hydration partner for these remarkable events.

Our dedication ensures every occasion stay refreshed and invigorated, delivering excellence in hydration for events that truly stand out. Choose BigWet and Skull Water to keep your events cool, dynamic, and perfectly hydrated from start to finish.

Choose BigWet: The Hydration Expert at Premier Events

At BigWet, we understand the importance of keeping your event participants hydrated and energized. With unparalleled expertise and top-quality water solutions, we ensure every moment of your event stays refreshingly memorable.

Our track record speaks for itself, having been the trusted water supplier at prestigious events like the Grand Prix, Moto GP, and Mooney Valley Races.

Why Big Wet?

Quality Hydration

Our water is sourced from the purest springs, ensuring a refreshing and revitalizing experience.

Reliable Supply

We have a track record of delivering on our promises, ensuring seamless water supply for events of all sizes.


Our commitment to the environment is unwavering. We use eco-friendly packaging, reducing the carbon footprint of your event.

Skull Water: The Bold Choice for Your Event

Skull Water, a brand developed by Little Hampton Pty Ltd under BigWet, is more than just water. It’s a statement. Launched in 2022, it’s the perfect blend of hydration, style, and environmental consciousness.

It brings a perfect blend of refreshing Australian spring water in both still and sparkling options, straight from the source.

Why Choose Skull Water for Your Event?

Youthful and Trendy

Perfect for events targeting a younger demographic, Skull Water’s aesthetic resonates with the 15-40 age group.


Fully recyclable materials make Skull Water an environmentally responsible choice.

Culturally Aligned

With a brand persona influenced by skating, surfing, and punk rock, it adds a cool and edgy vibe to your event.

Engaging Marketing

Leveraging social media trends, Skull Water is not just a product but an experience.

Community Focused

Align your event with a brand that supports causes like turtle conservation and skate park restoration.

Make Your Event Memorable with BigWet and Skull Water

Whether it’s a sports event, music festival, or community gathering, choosing BigWet and Skull Water means choosing hydration with a purpose. Contact us to hydrate your event in style and make a positive impact!