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Home and Office Filtered Water

Bottled water isn’t the only option out there when it comes to reliable, pure and natural water. A filtration system is a simple way to transform mains water into great tasting water. Because the original source is mains water, there is one fixed cost no matter how much water you drink and no regular delivery is required. Your filtered water options vary and you have the choice of the following:

Plumbed-in systems

A plumbed-in filtration system consists of what looks like a standard free-standing water cooler but it is fully plumbed into your main water supply. Water travels through a twin filtration system that removes all impurities and best of all there is no work involved on your part. A Big Wet service representative attends to your system every six months to replace the filters.

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Under sink systems

For a simple and affordable filtration system that doesn’t take up any space, the under-sink system instantly purifies mains water which then flows directly from a separate dispenser tap next to your traditional tap. With this method you avoid the need for a water cooler unit altogether, so it is an ideal option for homes and small offices.

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Top-up systems

 The top-up system is a free-standing cooler that simply needs to be filled up with tap water. There are no water bottles involved and although the system is not plumbed in, it is designed, through a sophisticated filter system, to convert tap or untreated water into great tasting, chilled drinking water. There are both freestanding or bench top models available. A Big Wet service representative attends to your system every six months to replace the filters.

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Boiling water units

Boiling water units are a great way to get instantly boiled filtered water straight from a tap for the hot drink of your choice making it the perfect addition to an office lunchroom or factory. These units pass cold mains water through the filtration system where it then travels through the heating elements which quickly brings it to the perfect hot water temperature.

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