A commitment to a healthier life starts by rearranging your dietary choices, including drinking more water instead of sodas or sugary juices. This is why a water source should be present all the time in our homes and offices. These days, we’ve got more options. Our choices range from buying bottled water to getting water from fresh from a convenient source like water coolers or water dispensers. Let’s look at the difference between water coolers and filtration systems, and which is better for your needs.

Filtration systems or water coolers?

So, which is it for you, filtration systems or water coolers? While they both have merits, we prefer water coolers for several reasons. Firstly, filtration systems can be complicated to install, and the water’s taste depends on the filter used and the water source. The result can be an uneven variety in water taste, even when the filtration system is filtering the same water. It is not uncommon for your home filtered water and office filtered water to taste remarkably different, despite the water being sourced from the same place. Likewise, there is a level of maintenance your home filters need in order to stay in optimum condition. Water coolers, meanwhile, have water undergo distillation or filtration, depending on the providers’ preferred process. What you end up with is water that not only tastes good, but is actually good for you. It’s been properly, deeply purified.

Filtration systems mean flexibility and ease of use

To us, the primary upshot of in-home or in-office water filtration systems lies in their ease of use and flexibility. Once installed, you have unlimited fresh, clean water. There is no need for refills to be delivered; no waiting on water. Yes, there is a level of maintenance, but the same can be said for water coolers. However, there are some key upsides to water coolers, that filters can’t match.

Coolers allow for hot or cold water on-demand

Water coolers are easier to use, usually requiring only a glass or a bottle to drink from. These can be refilled from large water bottles that use water dispensers to give out either hot or cold water, as needed. Meanwhile, filtration units only ever dispense room temperature, filtered water; there are even times that they aren’t advisable, given that filters need to be replaced over time.

Water coolers can be filled with purified water

Purified water can either be distilled, deionised, or filtered. There are additional methods to them, however, like the adding of chemicals like chlorine or iodine to make them extra clean. Processes like reverse osmosis might also be included, but there are times that good minerals such as calcium and magnesium are included.

Coolers dispense water in different ways

No two water sources are the same if they come from different water dispensers. There are so many types of dispensers that you can easily find one that’s suitable for your needs. It can also range from one that sits just right on a counter, to ones that are larger. Dispensers can be detached ones or ones that are connected to your home, but the former provides the best energy-saving source. Filter units, meanwhile, are limited to dispensing water straight from the sink, which may be vitally inconvenient, particularly in office settings.

Filtration Systems or Water Coolers?

In the end, choosing between coolers and filtration systems depend on your personal needs. If you’re looking for dispensers or water coolers, Big Wet is the place to go to. Browse our full range of products online or see what water cooler units we have on offer.