What are the Qualities of Good Drinking Water?

Water makes up 65% of the human body and is vital for keeping you hydrated and sustaining practically all life functions. Water also serves as an important medium for activities like drinking, bathing, cooking, and cleaning. Therefore, good quality drinking water is crucial for maintaining the ideal lifestyle. We discuss the qualities of good drinking water, such as purified water, filtered water, and spring water in Melbourne, so you know where the water you're drinking is sourced from and whether it is of good quality.

Why is it Important to Have Good Drinking Water?

Consuming enough water daily helps regulate temperature and keeps you healthy. Most importantly, it prevents dehydration, which can cause negative symptoms like confusion, mood changes, overheating, and constipation. Keeping well hydrated helps keep the body functioning properly, ensuring the joints and the spinal cord are lubricated. Water consumption also helps rid the body of waste and toxins through urine or perspiration. Drinking unclean water can cause harm to the body and introduce contaminants containing bacteria or viruses that can make you sick. As a crucial factor in ensuring proper health and body function, access to clean and good quality drinking water is a fundamental human right.

The Qualities of Good Drinking Water

Bad-tasting water is not very desirable. Pure, ideal drinking water should be colourless, tasteless, and odourless. With a balanced pH level of 7, other notable qualities of good drinking water include not being discoloured or having any visible sedimentation.

What is the Best Drinking Water?

Good quality drinking water can be obtained through various means and sources. The best types of drinking water are filtered, purified, and spring water.

Filtered Water

Usually sourced from tap water, filtered water is run through carbon filters and sometimes a micron filter to remove chlorine and other added elements. Filtered water is usually the type of water found in commercially sold bottled water.

Purified Water

Akin to how filtered water is obtained and processed, purified water goes through an even further filtration process with steps like reverse osmosis, distillation, or deionisation to produce one of the purest and better-tasting forms of water.

Spring Water

Spring water comes from natural sources, such as large underground water reserves where rocks imbue the water with tasty and healthy minerals. The water is transported and filtered, removing harmful substances while retaining minerals, nitrates, and metals, unlike filtered or purified water. These retained minerals help give spring water its health benefits and great taste.

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