Feeling a bit parched? After eight hours sitting in front of the computer, it can be easy to forget about imbibing one of life’s essential elements – water. You can add a bit of interest to your work day if you choose an alternative receptacle. Instead of the boring old plastic cup. Here are some ways to inject more H2O into your mouth, while also having a bit of fun.

Sarcastic mugs

Who would settle for drinking water out of a plain old patterned mug, when there are a veritable rainbow of sarcastic mugs out there that appeal to every sense of humour? Some are so funny that you may find yourself chortling while glancing into the kitchen cupboards at work.

Motivating drink bottles

With the overabundance of yoga studios and boot camp programs out there, you may find it thoroughly exhausting to watch all of those energised gym bunnies heading off to pump iron after work. Although if you want to join this tribe, you could use a drink bottle with a motivating slogan on it. This may just do the trick!

Regularly looking at the slogans ‘Eat Clean. Train Dirty’, or ‘Be Strong. Your Never Know Who You Are Inspiring’ on your drink bottle may prompt you to get out and do some exercise. Do yourself a favour, though, and don’t fill it with Red Bull or cordial. Water is the best option for hydration and weight loss. Also, using a motivating drink bottle is only the very first step to a hot body, as you well know.

Unusual drinking receptacles

If you have a desire to be perceived as “unique” at work, then you could try drinking water out of a gravy boat or a salt shaker. This may be a tactic you wish to employ if you want to stand out among the beige office cubicles. Although this is one way to get a reputation as the “guy who drinks out of a gravy boat”, rather than the guy who “sold 2,000 units last quarter”.

Many retailers sell a cornucopia of sarcastic drinking mugs and motivating drink bottles that you can purchase. These make great gag gifts for other people in the office. Purchased for yourself and then placed in a highly visible position on your desk, a controversial mug can also be highly visible signal. This lets your colleagues know when to approach you about a work-related drama, and when to leave you well alone.

And remember that no matter the time of day, water is always the best option for rejuvenating and refreshing your office-weary body. Big Wet are the premier providers of water filtration systems, water coolers and spring water delivery, brought straight to your door.