When we think of water coolers, we normally think of the popular corner of an office where everyone is engaging in classic water cooler conversation - that new sandwich place round the corner, whether the tuna or chicken is better, or which high-profile basketball player has recently signed to another team.

However, there are many businesses that will receive unique benefits from having a water cooler – or a few – in their building, and in this blog post we’ll take you through just some of the ways a water cooler can refresh your surroundings.

Aged care facilities

Making filtered water accessible for aged care residents is important, as this demographic in particular need to be protected from the risks of water contamination. Furthermore, providing them with access to water throughout a facility decreases their dependency on staff. Visible water coolers also allow guests to bring water to their family members or fill jugs of water to take to their rooms, which is especially helpful during periods such as the weekend when there may be fewer staff around.

Dental practices

While having a water cooler in the waiting area for a dentist is increasingly common, there are practical and psychological reasons behind why this is a great idea for all dental practices to follow. It’s very calming for patients to be able to get some cooled and filtered water, which assists with calming the nerves many of us experience when we’re waiting to see the dentist. Before a checkup, it’s a good way to dislodge any food from teeth and in the mouth, while afterward it can help clear any residual particles from the checkup process, such as scale.

Stadiums and sports centres

At large sporting events where alcohol is being served, a water cooler provides clear benefit – when people are consuming alcohol, it’s best to have water on hand to reduce the effects of intoxication and keep people hydrated all the way throughout a long event. In sports centres, both players and spectators can have easy access to water, which hydrates and improves physical performance for players, while keeping spectators calm during the excitement of a game!

Shared office spaces

Investing in water coolers is important for shared office spaces and should be an essential point on your checklist when outfitting your office building with suitable facilities. As well as providing the hydration that office workers need to get through the day and keep their minds focused and hands typing, a shared water cooler is a point of contact where employees from different companies can meet and chat, helping to create a sense of community in your shared office, which keeps both clients and employees happy.


As Pink Floyd once said, “Hey! Teacher, leave those kids some H2O!” While that might be a small misquote, but it’s true that all learners - from young kids all the way through to university students - need to be constantly hydrated to maximise learning capacity throughout the day. It’s also refreshing for teachers to be able to sit down and clear their head with some cool, filtered water before launching back into their next lesson.

If you’re in charge of one of the businesses above, you’ll see the benefit that providing water coolers can bring. Our team assist clients in almost all corners of Australia and most major cities, and are happy to provide quality water filters for your business. Big Wet is one of the most trusted experts on water coolers and water filters Australia has to offer, so contact us to get Big Wet in your workplace today!