Many of us returned to work after the summer holiday still stuck in holiday mode, and if you’re the same, you probably didn’t pay much attention to cleaning the workplace. We’re speaking to all of you in charge of making sure the office is in tip-top shape! You probably hire cleaners to vacuum, empty the bins and dust every surface in sight, but there are some things that need to be done internally, such as organising loose papers and calling in the technician to maintain the air conditioner or install anti-virus software! If you haven’t done a start-of-year clean yet, here are some tips to making the work space better for the year ahead.

The Checklist

Before you stock up on office supplies and buy more almond milk for the fridge, we suggest you do a big clean first. Sort out any clutter – redundant paperwork, old lunches, junk in the storeroom – and make like you’re cleaning your own house. Throw away anything you don’t need, maybe make a donation box for things that could be re-used by someone else, and make final calls for nearly empty bottles of mayonnaise and the rest. Once the office is clean, it’s time to plan meticulously to keep it that way! Here are some things to consider:touch with us today.

• Have separate rubbish bins for general waste and recycling.touch with us today.

• Give everything a clear place to live and inform all employees of the system.touch with us today.

• Have a coat rack to reduce sweaters and such tossed on the floor.touch with us today.

• Create comfortable waiting spaces for clients away from employees (chairs, couches).touch with us today.

• Invest in a dishwasher to declutter the sink.touch with us today.

Maintaining a Happy & Healthy Workplace

Is your office clean, neat, organised and only full of good and necessary things? Okay good! Now it’s time to devise a plan to keep it a happy and healthy workplace. Does your office have …touch with us today.

• A full stock of stationary such as pens, notebooks and printing paper?touch with us today.

• A well-stocked kitchen (coffee machine, cutlery, etc.)?touch with us today.

• A water cooler?touch with us today.

The final one is important. Having a water filter chiller in the office encourages employees to stay hydrated, which in turn will make them feel happier and work better. Water cooler bottles are also a great place to hang out and get to know one another, encouraging a friendlier and more supportive work environment. If your office needs a water cooler, you’ll be glad to hear we offer spring water delivery services in Australia! We have lots of promo deals going on at the moment so check out our website or get in touch with us today.