We often take clean drinking water for granted. It’s just something that’s available at every house or office, with the simple turn of a tap or a push on the button of a water cooler. Like air, or freedom of speech, we think safe drinking water is a basic human right – and it should be! The sad truth is, over 780 million people in the world don’t have access to this basic right. In Tanzania alone, approximately 23,000,000 people have no access to clean drinking water. That’s basically the population of Australia.

Water for Africa

At Big Wet, we’re passionate about sourcing and distributing drinkable water, so we’ve teamed up with Water for Africa to raise money for the construction of a new well in Tanzania. Our fundraising campaign is running until the 1st of April, and we’d love your support for this worthy cause! One well costs $5,000 and has the power to change the lives of 2,000 people. We’ll donate $1 for every new Facebook page like, $5 for every share of fundraising posts and $50 for every new $49 deal purchased by new customers. Our limited edition $49 deal includes a one year rental of a free-standing water cooler, 4x 15L water bottles, a cup holder, a sleeve of cups and a $25 Coles/Myer voucher. You can find out more about this deal here.

The Reality of Life in Tanzania

In Tanzania, 70% of households are without safe drinking water, and over 4,000 children die every year from diarrhoea and drinking contaminated water. Women and children (mostly girls) carry the burden of collecting water every day, meaning they have to walk for many kilometres, often leaving them in vulnerable situations and not allowing them to attend school and receive an education. Water for Africa helps communities like the ones in Tanzania gain access to clean drinking water by installing and maintaining new water projects.

They employ a sustainable programme to empower, train and employ local people, so they can be the solution and benefit their community. Tanzania has a number of abandoned, broken wells, but the locals don’t have the knowledge or the resources to fix them. Water for Africa helps locals take control and have more power to better their lives.

Get Behind the Cause

You can donate directly at Water for Africa, or get involved with our campaign and we’ll do the donating. We’ve been providing Australians with water coolers and water filters online for quite some time, and now we want to extend our arms and help people in Tanzania experience that glorious hydration. For spring water delivery, all water cooler products, or to find out more about our campaign, browse our products at Big Wet and like our Facebook page!