Even with a cute water bottle, it can be a challenge for some parents to get their toddlers and kids to drink water, as most of the time kids are more interested in sweet and fruity juices. But there are some tricks you can do to get them excited about drinking water. More than just setting a good example, it’s also about getting creative. Here’s how!

Refresh with colourful and flavourful infused water

Increase water’s appeal by mixing two of their favourite things: colour and flavour. Voila! You will have them drinking water in no time. Fruits are the easiest and healthiest way to add a splash of fun your kids’ water. You can add strawberries, lemon, oranges, raspberries, or cucumber slices to a large pitcher of water, and refrigerate for a few hours so that the fruits can infuse their flavours into it. As a bonus, you can also make it a fun bonding activity with your kids. Let them choose the flavours they want, and allow them to experiment with different fruit combinations.

Add some fun with playful ice cubes

Unique and cool shaped ice cubes are a great way to spice things up for hydration. Think jewel-shaped ice, LEGO ice bricks, or animal-shaped ice. You can easily make different shapes of ice with playful ice cube trays that you buy from any kitchen store. You can also have fun finding your own ways to make ice moulds out of things you find at home. Once you’ve made your ice cubes,just pop them into the kids’ drinking glasses and get them to drink it before it melts!

Let them drink from fun cups

Who says drinking water has to be boring? Presentation plays an important role in getting your kids excited about drinking water. Let your kids pick out a special cup they love and let them use that solely for drinking water. This will keep them enthusiastic and excited about drinking water from their favourite cup!

Make drinking water a game

Get your creative juices flowing coming up with small activities that your kids can do, and incorporate them with drinking water. Try challenging your kids to drink to a certain level of a cup after a soccer game!You can even draw some time markings on your kids water bottles with a permanent marker, encouraging them to get to a particular level by ‘lunch time’, ‘after school’ etc. The challenge will keep them enthusiastic about drinking water all day long.

Filter with water coolers

To get your kids to drink water, it has to taste good. Sometimes strange flavours that come from tap water will really turn off their taste buds! Water coolers or water dispensers have great filtration systems that reduce the number of contaminants that can alter the taste of water. Water coolers for home are great, becausethey provide numerous health benefits. Not only are water coolers good for the kids,they’regreat for the whole family.

Bottoms up kids!

Getting your stubborn kids to drink water is possible. It just takes time, patience, creativity, and a positive influence to replace those unhealthy sugary drinks. With a trusted brand like Big Wet, you can keep your kids active and hydrated with pure, clean water! Big Wet has a range of water filtration solutions and water coolers perfect for your home to ensure healthy and safe drinking water for your kids and the whole family.