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We all know how important it is to drink water, but some people just can’t handle the taste … or lack thereof. If you find it hard to look forward to a glass of hydration, why not try adding a little magic to plain H20? Try one of these 15 quick ‘n easy recipes and see if your taste buds change their mind.
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Is tap water safe to drink? Maybe not as safe as you think. We take a look at some of the chemicals that are hiding in your tap water.
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It’s easy to dismiss water when it’s so cold that all you want is Netflix, an electric blanket and hot cocoa. But staying hydrated in winter is just as important as any other season, even if you don’t feel the dehydration as acutely.
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We all know that Big Wet’s natural spring water is crisp, clear, refreshing and drinking it is good for you. But now Big Wet customers have the opportunity to spend a weekend bathing in it!
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Eight glasses of water a day; that’s the rule.  At least that is what we’ve always been told.

Health experts have long touted eight as the magic number, but the question of how much water we really need to consume isn’t that simple.

A 100kg man who exercises a lot is quite different to a 60kg woman who works at a desk all day and that’s just one example of the many different variables that affect the glasses of water per day rule.

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Healthy skin, digestion, the list of physical reasons why we need to drink water is lengthy and well documented. But research is now honing in on how water can affect our moods and cognitive behaviour. A recent study published in The Journal of Nutrition, focusing on physically active women, showed that “mid-levels of dehydration resulted in adverse changes in key mood states.”
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